B-2-B Cloud Services

Our advanced convergent hybrid cloud and UltraDataCenter™ infrastructure delivers premier performance for our customers. We offer a secure and reliable way to access your data. Unlike the public internet, which can be slow and unreliable, SuperCloud uses a combination of advanced technologies:

This means you can access your data instantly, whenever you want.

Premium Internet Television Offering

SuperCloud offers a game-changer for smaller cable providers.

We have developed the CloudCable™, an affordable secure end-to-end system for cable television operators.

Live Streaming

With our technology, live real time, multi-channel streaming for events, such as concerts, sporting events, and other retail content choices are available upon request. CloudChoice™ clients are able to provide their loyal fans the opportunity to enjoy live events in a PPV environment over any internet connected device. Our PPV features a 5-screen+ simultaneous setting with uninterrupted advanced multi-layered streaming capability and the highest quality video available in today’s marketplace– all with UNLIMITED scalability with interactive bi-directional, social, and mobile advancements. In addition, we can white label/co-brand additional content for our customer’s audiences anywhere in the world.

Live events range in price from $9.95- $149.00 based upon the artist, promoter, and event.

Did You Know?

Smaller cable operators that are utilizing CATV (cable TV) systems are currently faced with a dilemma: their limited bandwidth cable systems do not allow their subscribers to access Video on Demand, Pay Per View, or DVR capability. To remain competitive in the marketplace, they can either migrate to all-digital programming to free up bandwidth in order to offer the digital services that their customers demand or rebuild their plants to increase bandwidth, which comes with a high cost to upgrade.

Faced with this choice, most limited bandwidth cable system operators are frantically searching for cost-effective digital migration systems, lest they steadily lose their subscribers. Normally a cable operator would be required to invest from $1.8 million to $3 million for a state of the art IPTV (internet protocol TV) headend to provide their subscribers with this type of digital service, plus cover an additional $199.00-$325.00 per set top box in each of their subscribers’ homes.

The reality is that the majority of second-tier small franchise cable operators with about 5,000-20,000 subscribers cannot afford to purchase on-demand DOCSIS systems. These operators may wish to provide on-demand and PPV services, however, to provide this service via conventional technology comes at a cost that does not make financial sense without pricing their subscribers out of the market.

The SuperCloud solution is to provide these cable operators with an end-to-end secure private internet solution instead of over-the-public internet via closed network IPTV platform specially designed with VOD/PPV, Cloud-DVR and HD/4K capability. Additionally, the platform offers the cable operator and or carrier agnostic cell phone, laptop, and PC distribution for the operator’s existing television programming.

For the first time, second-tier operators may now provide their subscribers access to popular on-demand channels as well as first run PPV movies, live events, I.P. & 5G/I.o.T. set top boxes and other services.

SuperCloud also licenses and controls a vast content library of music, music videos, movies, games, episodic television, linear programming, and e-books that we offer participating cable operators the ability to sell to their subscribers as an additional revenue source. Purchased content may be stored in the subscribers personalized folder in your very own Super MaxCloud™ locker. This feature allows users to access their content anywhere over any internet connection.

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