Our Team

James K. Devericks

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

James Devericks, the founder of SuperCloud, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation to the table and plays a crucial role in shaping SuperCloud's vision for the future of entertainment delivery. Throughout his career, James has carved a path at the forefront of cloud-based technologies and mobile content delivery.

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Eric Boyd

SVP Content Acquisition

Eric, a key figure at SuperCloud since its inception, has spent the past decade working closely with Mr. Devericks. His diverse role involves developing and branding SCI's unique properties. He spearheads new content creation, encompassing long-form projects, short-form broadcast content, and live events. Eric's expertise goes beyond brand building. His successful background in sales and marketing reflects his keen understanding of the youth-driven market. He excels at forging strategic partnerships and implementing innovative global distribution models.

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Tim Ransom

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim's career in marketing and brand consulting has touched countless lives. For over 30 years, he led Ransom Company, a firm trusted by Fortune 500 clients. His fingerprints are on some of the most recognizable brands you encounter daily.

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Julian Shapiro

Interim President/COO and Director

Julian has assumed his current position with SuperCloud International, Inc., after serving as Head of Marketing and Sales for the company since its inception. In his roles, he is tasked with working to build out the company’s infrastructure and managing that infrastructure as it grows and develops. In addition, he oversees the acquisition of entertainment properties and their integration into the mobile technology platforms of SCI. He works closely with the technology divisions to develop and integrate content offerings as part of the N2ME web portal developed by the company.

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Thomas W. Cullin

Senior Vice President

Thomas is a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in various industries, ranging from real estate to mobile app software. With a career marked by entrepreneurial ventures and strategic leadership roles, Thomas has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to drive business growth and inspire high-performing teams. Thomas began his entrepreneurial journey by owning several small businesses before transitioning into a pivotal role as a partner in a 60-agent commercial real estate brokerage. His success in this venture paved the way for his entry into the dynamic world of Silicon Valley with Augusta High-Tech, where he spearheaded the company's expansion efforts across South Florida, Texas, India, London, and California.

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