SuperCloud International, Inc. is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. SCI is a technology based entertainment company and our core focus is on developing and creating extreme cutting edge solutions for unified internet, telecommunications, consumer entertainment, utilizing, hybrid-hyper-cloud, multi-tiered data center, CDN technologies for today and the future of enhanced content delivery for in home, mobile and portable multimedia solutions for both consumer and enterprise businesses.


SuperCloud International, Inc. offers its UltraDataCenter™ solutions that are inclusive of its own custom configured hybrid I.P.T.V. headend, CDN, I.S.P., U-MVPD, OVD, OTT, available for independent and private content utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated cloud based technologies and Internet connected device software and multiplatform multimedia content distribution capabilities in the World.


SuperCloud International, Inc. offers Real Time Live multi-channel video streaming and Live Interactive, Bi-Directional, Social, Movie, Real Time multi-screen video along with its very own secure pay-per-view environment within a true 5 screen simultaneous setting. CloudChoice™ customer events — concerts, sporting events, conventions, special occasions — are provided via uninterrupted streaming capability and UNLIMITED scalability. Please contact us for labeling/co-branding and pre-recorded content options.


SuperCloud International, Inc.’s – offers a New Breed of Record Label and it’s called Culture Music. Culture Music is a full service music entertainment company that specializes in artist management, record production & distribution, a new pending music distribution is currently in the works with (U.M.V.D.) Universal Music & Video Distribution, music consulting, publishing, television and multi-media distribution, marketing & promotion is also currently available.


The Best BUSINESS to BUSINESS solution for Streaming Media

A complete Business to Business channel partner program designed for enterprise customers anywhere in the World. The Super MaxCloud™ Secure Virtual Private network (SVPN) empowers B2B initiatives delivered through its private Data Control Cloud System to businesses of all sizes.

Strategic Partnerships