SuperCloud International, Inc. (SCI), a technology-driven entertainment company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions for unified internet, telecommunications, and consumer entertainment. SCI leverages hybrid-hyper-cloud, multi-tiered data centers, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver enhanced content for in-home, mobile, and portable multimedia experiences, catering to both consumers and enterprises.


SuperCloud offers "UltraDataCenter" solutions that act like a central hub for entertainment by utilizing custom configured hybrid I.P.T.V. headend, CDN, I.S.P., U-MVPD, OVD, and OTT. While highly technical on our end, the product is very user friendly as next-gen entertainment. Imagine it as a powerful computer system that combines several features:

  • Customizable TV channels: You can choose specific channels you want, like creating your own personalized cable TV package.
  • Fast content delivery: SuperCloud uses a special network (CDN) to ensure smooth streaming of videos and other content without buffering.
  • Internet access: We also provide internet service (ISP) like any other internet provider.
  • Subscription options: You can subscribe to various streaming services (U-MVPD, OVD, OTT) through the platform, offering a wider range of content choices.
  • Independent content support: SuperCloud allows you to host and share your own content securely.

In short, SuperCloud combines advanced technology with software for various devices (phones, computers, TVs) to deliver all your entertainment needs in one place.


SuperCloud offers comprehensive live entertainment features through its CloudChoice™ service. With CloudChoice™ our users can:

  • Watch multiple live channels (5 screens simultaneously)
  • Interact with live events (e.g. comment or participate in a poll)
  • Enjoy social features (e.g. connect and chat with other viewers)
  • Stream movies on-demand
  • Pay to watch specific live events or exclusive content

CloudChoice™ users enjoy smooth viewing without buffering issues. Fully scalable, SuperCloud can customize the platform with client’s branding and pre-recorded content. Contact us for more info.


SuperCloud’s is setting the standard in the music industry with a one-stop shop for aspiring artists we call Culture Music. Culture Music acts like a new breed of record label, offering a range of services, including:

  • Artist Management: Helping artists navigate the music industry.
  • Record Production & Distribution: Artists record their music and get it distributed to stores and streaming platforms (a music distribution deal is pending with Universal Music & Video Distribution)
  • Music Consulting: Experts provide advice on various aspects of the music business
  • Publishing: We can handle the legal side of the music biz, ensuring artists receive proper royalties
  • Television & Multimedia Distribution: We’ll make all efforts to get an artist’s music videos or performances on television and/or other media platforms
  • Marketing & Promotion: We can assist in promoting music to a wider audience.

The music paradigm needed re-imagined and that’s what we did, leveraging technology to give new artists an edge. Culture Music aims to be a comprehensive solution for artists looking to break into the music industry.


Super MaxCloud™: Secure, High-Performance B-2-B Streaming

Businesses can now work together securely and efficiently through Super MaxCloud™. Our technology allows companies of all sizes to become channel partners and offer a secure connection service to other businesses around the world. Super MaxCloud™ utilizes a military-grade encrypted network called a "Secure Virtual Private Network" (SVPN) to ensure information travels safely. This network operates through SuperCloud's private "Data Control Cloud System," giving businesses control over their data as they collaborate.

Strategic Partnerships