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UMAXX Launches World's First Closed Network 5G TV & Internet Service Promising Consumer Data Privacy and Threat Protection
May 28,2024

UMAXX , a first-of-its-kind internet and live TV service built on a proprietary military-grade 5G network that promises complete data privacy and a brand of SuperCloud Intl., is now available to consumers nationwide.

UMAXX Promises Complete Data Privacy for TV and Internet Users
May 28,2024

In a world where our every move online is tracked, monitored, and monetized, UMAXX is offering a breath of fresh air. The groundbreaking new service just launched, promising a revolutionary approach to internet and TV services. UMAXX combines high-speed 5G internet with over 350 high-definition live TV channels, all while guaranteeing unmatched data privacy and security. It seems to be one of the first of its kind, being built on a proprietary military-grade 5G network that ensures your data remains yours and yours alone.

SuperCloud, an Industry Pioneer in Live Streaming, Introduces ‘Cloud Cable’ with Launch of UMAXXTM 5G Home Entertainment
March 12,2024

There’s a new digital entertainment disruptor out there that has developed a platform that’s bigger, better, and faster for consumers than the current offerings, and they’re just getting started.

SuperCloud International Bursts On The Scene With The World's First 5G TV Service Offered With Advanced 5G Home Internet Service Through UMAXX.TV
Oct 14,2021

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SuperCloud International, Inc., based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has launched the world's first 5G TV service, in the United States, with in-home service APPs (IHS) for Internet-connected Smart TV service through their new UMAXX.TV entertainment brand.

SuperCloud International Offering 5G to Homes Across US, Founder Tells Newsmax
October 29,2021

The much-hyped 5G internet and television service has finally arrived for homes, and newcomer SuperCloud International says it — unlike some of its competitors — is available throughout the United States through its, according to company founder Jim Devericks.

SuperCloud Launches 5G TV Service
October 15,2021

The TV service is being offered along with 5G home internet via their new UMAXX.TV brand.

Wholesale B-2-B Deal Signed
September 23,2019

SuperCloud International, Inc. – Signs Wholesale B-2-B Deal for its MDU, SDU Program as Master Distributor for providing LIVE TV & Entertainment Packages for (MDU’s) Multi-Dwelling Units, (SDU’s) Single Dwelling Units, Hotels, Resorts, etc.

Company Upgrades Phase
February 26,2018

SuperCloud International, Inc. – Begins its Companywide upgrades phase with lots of new and exciting changes to our websites / brands that will enable SCI to better serve its clients and customers.

New & Exciting Business
February 20,2018

SuperCloud International, Inc. – New and Exciting relationships including Web Design Company – Second Chance Marketing as new in house outsourced Web Design Company for SuperCloud International, Inc. and many other exciting relationships have been initiated.